Web Development

Let the Square Bits team turn your ideas into reality, faster than you possibly thought.

We are web application development experts with the focus on changing the way our clients leverage the web. The applications we develop are business-driven, highly innovative and user focused.

A methodical approach enables us to develop custom web applications that meet our client’s objectives. Whether it is extending an API, building a web application from scratch, or re-factoring the JavaScript, we produce lean codes – on time and in budget.

We have developed web applications using Java, Ajax, PHP, ASP, and .NET for retail, financial, business, travel and utilities sectors.

Web applications allow users to retrieve or submit data from a database that is stored of the Internet. From an application as simple as a message board or complex like a spreadsheet, we can create all. Businesses are going for custom website application development, as it results in:

  • Improved scalability
  • Quality product
  • Enhanced portability

At Square Bits, we love to create smooth and effectively functioning web applications for clients. A well-defined approach adopted by our team members certainly helps us in developing highly robust solutions that are customized as per your needs.

Our proficient team offers web app development solutions across different industry verticals. It is our years of experience and quality of work that has helped us in working with some big brands in the industry.

Why Square Bits?

  • We architect robust web applications that will add value to your organization
  • We have excellent domain knowledge and are updated about the latest industry trends
  • We maintain full transparency in development
  • We provide 100% customized solutions
  • We conduct thorough testing and quality analysis of web app

Things we Take Care of


Usability is a critical factor in the success of a web application. We build apps that are capable of performing complex tasks but are yet simple & user friendly.

Quality Assurance Testing

Testing every possible interaction is an essential part of app development. We ensure that the web application is thoroughly tested so that it functions smoothly post-launch.


We adhere to high-level security standards to make the web application robust and bugs-proof. The coding will be just tough to crack.

Site Management

We provide custom tools you would need to control your application. From making content upgradation to gathering report data, and making administrative changes, the custom-built management console of the web application will serve the purpose.

Square Bits is on a continuous zest to gain new insights into what makes a successful web application. We are always focused on achieving the objectives of clients in an efficient and user friendly manner. From strategizing to research, consulting, programming, designing, and testing, we will do it all for you.