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Woosh Wallet’ is the Newest way to enjoy Discount Vouchers in Ireland. You can now have those Special Discounts Vouchers/Coupons on your iPhone / iPad, ready to redeem when you are.These are Everyday Woosh Discount Vouchers for Everyday things. It’s a simple idea - You ‘Browse’, ‘Save’, and Redeem. Save only the Vouchers you like and ignore the ones you don’t. To redeem a Voucher, just show the one you want to use on your apple device to your server and they do the rest.Our 1.0 version has Vouchers exclusively for Galway, Ireland.If you are from another Country, download ‘Woosh Wallet’ and see the Galway Offers (in the search feature) and get a feel for what’s coming to your county. Unlike other Voucher applications we like to say No to You!So there are No payments to receive offers, No emails from us, No printing of Vouchers/Coupons, No one is going to ask you loads of questions or ask for your email details, No cost for our app and No cost to use it.If you are from outside of Ireland the G.P.S. will detect there are no offers near you but you can still search different counties for offers. For the 1.0 version there will only be offers in Galway, Ireland as mentioned.For our overseas visitors we are thinking about you, So that you too can enjoy savings the same as any locals. We will include Car Hire, Tours, Accommodation Offers etc… we have Discounts in mind especially for you. For that we ask you for a little time and patience.As mentioned the 1.0 launch version only has offers for Galway. We want to test our app extensively and show our participating merchants who have populated our 1.0 version with offers how effective the automated reporting system of vouchers being redeemed works. We also want you to see how easy it is to use...So enjoy Woosh Wallet and give us your feedback! PS: We are going to ask you 2 questions when you download Woosh Wallet, (1) What age group you are in and (2) Whether you are a man or woman, that’s it that’s all.
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