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Do you like games like guess the emoji, or 4 pics one word? Have you ever found yourself with random game knowledge and wish you had a place to apply it? Than Guess The Game is for you. It has plenty of games from the app store and other platforms waiting for you to solve the question. You have one picture of the game and one phrase to guess what it is. Do you have what it takes to solve all the questions and achieve all the achievements? Achievements 
  • Penta-5 in a row without a hint.
  • Frenzy-10 in a row without a hint.
  • Riot-15 in a row without a hint.
  • Exposer Nice!-you exposed a letter.
  • Super-Exposer-We'll done, you removed the extra letter.
  • What was it?-That was easy, you solved the question!
  • Gold Gamer Buy-100 coins
  • Platinum Gamer-Buy 2000 Coins
  • Diamond Gamer-Buy 5000 coins
  • Ask a friend-Use ask Facebook hint
  • Share the love-Share on Facebook
  • Mission complete!-Congratulation you finished the game!
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