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Fit Focus is aimed at bodybuilders and regular gym goers who feel they are not gaining muscle despite their best efforts of weight lifting. If you are you one of the thousands (or millions) who does everything you should - you workout often & intensely and eat the right foods - but still aren't gaining muscle fast enough then it might be due to one simple reason: YOU ARE NOT RESTING ADEQUATELY BETWEEN SETS. This small and easy tweak to your workout can have MASSIVE results!!Top trainers recommend a rest of 1-3 minutes between sets for muscle building and 2-5 minutes for strength training if you want to get the MAXIMUM RESULTS from each workout. But why do so many experienced workout addicts skip this essential step in their routine? Because rest periods can get really boring and it is easy to get distracted & lose momentum while resting. Fit Focus solves this problem by regimenting your rest periods, ensuring that you do not cut them short or get distracted and spend too much time resting. Our unique timer is overlayed over any other app, game or website, so you can be STIMULATED but always see how much time is remaining of your rest period. What's more it will actually kick you off that distracting app when your time is up - and the app will resume where you left off at the beginning of your next rest period. Fit Focus can be used in conjunction with any other workout app or routine you currently use as focuses ONLY on the one VITAL area that most other apps and routines forget about - giving your muscles ESSENTIAL TIME TO RECOVER BETWEEN SETS. By using Fit Focus you will get 4 key benefits:
  • You will ensure that you are including optimal rest periods into your workouts, so that you can maximize your muscle building potential.
  • You can keep your mind occupied (with or without your Android phone) during these rest periods without fear of getting too distracted and over-cooling.
  • You will be forced back to work when the time is up - being cut off from whatever you were doing but returning to it after your next set.
  • You can use it along with any other workout app or website you are currently using as it only focuses on the rest periods.
Fit Focus will help you to regiment vital rest periods into any workout so that you get the muscle or strength building results you deserve!
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