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Get ready to dive into the unfiltered world of Gossip! Share anonymously with friends, co-workers, and the complete world around you. We bring a mix of personal secrets and business whispers all to one place. Gossip Features:
  • Share your gossip anonymously by using our selection of photos and fonts while also using our image and video capture (along with blur feature).
  • Take your Gossip to the next level by tagging your Facebook friends while staying anonymous.
  • Complete post interaction including like, comment, direct message, flag and dislike…all while remaining anonymous!
  • Free messaging to connect with fellow gossipers.
  • Unique reveal option to allow you to claim Gossip posts as your own.
  • Create your own Gossip feeds by using our complete tagging system. Find out the true Gossip around you… completely unfiltered and unedited.
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