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Chatback app is a simple chatting application particularly for College Students. The concept of this app is to provide support to students to communicate effectively with their batch mates. This typical online chat app allows user to log-in with their college user-id and connect to people around and chat. At the same time using Bluetooth chatback automatically connects you to people within 50 to 300 feet. The app is smart, fast & efficient for young college students wherein they can exchange quick information with each other. Once you get on the friend list you can see who’s at a party before even going in the door and can enjoy healthily around with your batch mates before the class starts. Hurry up! Enjoy soon!Special Features:- TEXT CHATTING FREE - chat with users over WI-FI or phone network. AUTOMATIC - no need to give out your info to connect. PRIVATE - does not connect with your phone number or contacts. NO GPS - no tracking or draining your battery. NO SOCIAL NETWORKS - does not connect through Facebook or twitter.
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