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Freq Finder is a location based Ham Radio repeater guide. No internet connection needed to use. (Of course, you will need an internet connection to retrieve updates.). This app contains repeater information for the United States only. Updates are automatically retrieved when you start the app.¬†Simply the best way to lookup ham radio repeater information. New features include:
  • Sort by Frequency
  • D*Star Listings
  • Select Multiple Bands
  • New Sort by popularity (Voting)
  • Automatic Data Updates
  • Ability to add Weekly Nets to the informaiton
  • User Edits of repeater Information
  • User can add new repeater
  • Fully functional without GPS & 3G (Airplane Mode)
 Get the iPhone application to have if you are a ham radio operator!¬† With Freq Finder you will always be able to find the perfect repeater while traveling. Location based repeater search is now a reality! The one repeater directory that will replace everything you currently use! Freq Finder is the only iphone repeater directory that searches by distance! Search based on distance using the iPhone's built in GPS.
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