We believe that success of any project is determined by how efficient the process is. Therefore, Square Bits team has framed a streamlined approach for mobile application and web development.

How we work:


It is the need to provide a particular service or an innovative idea, which is the behind development of every mobile application or website. Whether you have a clear idea of your requirements or a concept running that demands more mind boggling, we are here to assist you. Square Bits is equipped with technical knowledge and infrastructure to bring your ideas to life. We will make a note of the features, UI, functions and aesthetics that you want in the application.


The next app development level is storyboard creation to get exact details of interface design, wireframes, navigation process etc. It gives an overview of how the app would look like and function post development. Clients are shown the storyboard and we wait for the feedback.


Code-writing, running iterative programming sessions and developing a functioning prototype is next we work upon. Our aim is to develop a robust and refined application by getting the newest technical and conceptual elements together.

Testing and Deployment

The prototype passes through series of tests to eliminate issues related to functionality and usability. We do all sorts of internal, user, and random testing of the application.


Once the application clears the testing & deployment stage, it is released in form of handling, deploying or installing.

Support and Maintenance

One of the key ingredients to market a mobile application successfully is Support. We provide periodic updates and technical advice, depending upon the project’s size, vulnerability and complexity.

Our Focus Areas:

  • Quick turnaround
  • Client Communication
  • Quality Assurance

Quick Turnaround

It is vital for any business to optimally meet the demands of the client within the stipulated timeframe. Hundreds of applications are being developed everyday, which makes it even more important for us to reach the completion stage faster. It is the result of our well-defined planning and execution phase, which helps us in adhering to the timeline without compromising with the quality of work.

Client Communication

A two-way communication between the company and client ensures no glitches in long-term. To deliver a product, which successfully meets the client’s requirement & generates ROI, Square Bits keeps its customers updated about the advancements in the process. We have a dedicated manager and team of developers for every project to give a real-time update to customers & work as per their expectations.

Quality Assurance

Quality is the only way to measure the worth and success of a product, especially in the mobile app world. We have a quality management system that works in accordance with ISO 9001. Our developers ensure that all the apps are thoroughly tested to meet Android, iOS, Windows and other industry guidelines.