iPad Games Development

iPad has taken mobile gaming to a level further. It is true that 2D and 3D game development for iPad is tricky but a fun-filled effort for Square Bits. We make games to keep players hooked on to their device. And this is done with a high resolution, compact design, and utilizing all the features of the iPad.

Our development team is passionate about gaming and always updated on what’s new in the technology arena. We have been working on iPad games development from the time the device made its impressive entry in the market. iPad is a device for young, middle aged, and even those past 60 & we pride ourselves for developing games for different genres and age groups.

iPad Game Development We Do:

  • Casual, adventurous, and augmented reality based games
  • Single, twin, and multiple players games
  • Custom iPad games

What Else We Provide?

  • Designing and modelling of game character
  • Thorough game testing
  • Uploading the game on App Store

Why Square Bits?

When you choose Square Bits, you can be assured of getting quality work done at a best price. Besides our price and quality, there are several other reasons for why clients choose us:

  • One-stop solution provider
  • Prompt and hassle free communication
  • Most experienced and learned team
  • Worked on versatile gaming genres

We design games your consumers would love to stay hooked-onto.

Developing a game for a sophisticated, high-end device as good as an iPad is no easy task. It demands an in-depth understanding of the device and technology is based on to develop a game that excels the expectations of the client as well as the players.

Every game that we develop goes through a series of quality checks for a bug free and smooth functioning. The team works closely with the clients to keep them updated at every step of game development and share feedback.

Technology We Use

A strong technical understanding is a must for any mobile app or game development, whether you are working on iOS, Android or Windows Phone. We have a core iOS team that takes care of the app and game development projects. The developers use Objective C and Apple Swift, the two simple languages for writing strong codes. We prefer to work on Cocoa Touch and iPhone SDK, as these work best with the two programming languages. The frameworks we use include Core Audio, OpenGL ES, Open AL, Core Graphics, WebKit Programming, GPS, and Core Location.

The advanced tools we use will give you an optimized iPad game feel. From creating simple games to most complex enterprise apps, our experts have been tasking their brains to roll out the best in the mobile gaming world. We work on Cocos 2D, which helps us deliver a more powerful gaming experience.

Square Bits has a systematic strategy to deliver the best of mobile game development services to clients. You can send us your iPad development idea or get our experts to generate one for you.