iPad Application Development Company India

Apple iPad is one of the most popular consumer devices and developing an iPad application means exploring more ways of reaching out to your consumers. The App Store has over 500000 iPad apps, iPad apps, which means that your application must be extraordinary to get the attention of users.

Square Bits team builds custom iPad apps, which make excellent use of the features of iPad to deliver the kind of usability the device deserves. We believe in creating apps that are the perfect example of interactivity, efficiency, profitability, and user engagement.

The task of developing the iPad apps is daunting, but breaking the process into several stages makes it more organized and easier.

Here’s is how we develop iPad apps:

The Concept

It is true that every great app has a well-defined concept behind its creation. Questions such as: Who is your target audience? What is purpose of the app? What content your app will incorporate? need to be answered.

The User Interface

Designing an impressive UI is the next step to creating a successful app. Always keep in mind that the user should be able to interact with the app interface in a simplistic way.

The View Hierarchy

Next step is to arrange the views in the app is hierarchy. The parent view that encloses subviews is called a superview. While developing an app, an iPad App Developer ensures what kind of view will be used for a particular purpose. The UIKit framework is used as it provides different types of views to present and organize data.

The Storyboard

A storyboard is used to layout the hierarchy of views in graphical environment.

The Initial Development

The stage includes development of back-end functionality such as social integrations, database design, and architecture. We have Mac devices, XCode, and iOS SDK to develop the iPad apps.

The Alpha and Beta Build

After the coding and rest of the development part is done, the functional prototype of the app is created to run on a simulator. Our iPad App Development team of of iPad developers tests the application for functionality and usability to eliminate bugs.

The Beta build is a refined version of the app. It is further tested and prepared for official release.

The Final Build

We release the complete version of the application in the App Store. But, before this, the app is showed to the client for enhancements and feedback.

Why Go for a Native App?

Many businesses wonder why they should be investing in a native app when they already have a mobile site. The reason behind is that a significant number of consumers prefer using native apps on their iPad instead of going to browser to check-out the mobile site. Therefore, we suggest our clients to have both: a mobile website and native app for iPad.

Out-of-the-box applications that take the business to new heights is something our clients have witnessed in the past. Leveraging on our sound technical knowledge of Objective C and Apple Swift, we do coding that is tough to crack. The development team works on different frameworks with some of them being:

  • OpenGL ES
  • Core Animation
  • Core Audio
  • WebKit Programming
  • GPS
  • Acclerometer
  • Core Graphics

As a leading application development company, we love to brush up our knowledge on Cocoa Touch and iOS SDK upgraded at regular interval. This continuous evolution and keeping a pace with the changing trends ensure delivery of some of the marvellous iPad mobile applications in minimal timeframe.

We, at Square Bits deliver iPad App Development after ensuring that the app is flawless, polished, and uses all the features offered by iOS. We also make sure that the app uses maximum use of the available hardware of the iPad.