Hire Windows App Developer

Windows Phone are gaining traction slowly among users as well as the hardware manufacturers. With HTC & Nokia being exclusive partners, the OS is climbing its growth rope steadily.

The OS has seen series of updates after its release so that users can be offered more mature functionality. There is a big section of loyal Windows users who are so comfortable with using Windows that they prefer to have their smartphones supporting the same OS. Thus, creating a Windows Phone mobile application can significantly impact your revenue.

Square Bits is one of the early adopters of the mobile application development for Windows platform. We have helped several enterprise levrage the platform to meet business challenges and increase their profits.

We have a team of trained and skilled Windows Phone application developers who can make use of platform specific features such as custom notifications, Live Tiles, and the Windows 8 UI to create a robus app for you.

Our Technology Competence:

Being early adopters of Windows has helped us tremendously in staying updated with the changes and implementing them in our process. Here’s an overview of the technology that we work on & use:

  • Windows Phone 7.5/7.8, 8.0
  • Windows CE, Pocket PC Phone Edition
  • .Net Compact Framework, MS SQL Server CE
  • Programming tools we use: MS Visual Studio .NET 2005 and 2008, MS Embedded Visual Studio (eVC, eVB)

At Sqaure Bits, we design applications that are practical and stylish. We have created different types of Windows Phone applications including:

  • Multimedia apps
  • Social media apps
  • Navigation apps
  • Internet apps
  • Business apps
  • Utilities apps

Advantages of Hiring Square Bits Windows Phone Application developer

  • We have an excellent team of experienced developers
  • We can work on .Net, C++, Windows Mobile SDK, and Visual Studio
  • We have experience in creating versatile social networking, business, health, and utility apps

Client Support

Our team uses the huge potential of Windows Phone OS for developing applications that are a rare example of technical expertise. Apart from developing an app, we also help clients in selecting the right design, submitting it on the app store and providing after sales support.

Keeping the client updated about the progress is a vital part of our work. The moment we become your technology partner, a team of developers, designers, marketers, and a project manager is created to dedicatedly work on your project. While the team works consistently on the development thing, your feedback & queries are attended by the manager.

When you choose the Windows Phone application development services of Square Bits, you get the assistance of a self-managed and high performance oriented team.