Cocos2D Developers

Mobile game is one of the fastest developing niches in the gaming industry. The games that were available only in black & white or dual colors have now evolved to 2D and come with multiple players features.

Cocos2D is a simple, easy-to-use, stable, and mature open source game engine for developing apps, 2D games, and other cross platform GUI based programs.

The Square Bits team of mobile game developers continues to keep the smash hits rolling. While, we have the experience of developing action, puzzle, strategy, racing and card games, the team is always in a search for unique ideas.

Cocos2D is an extensive and popular framework for developing games.

Why Cocos2D?

  • Open source iOS framework
  • Supports OpenGL ES 2.0 to deliver great performance and stunning visual effects
  • Comes with Box2D and chipmunk engine

One of the major advantages of developing Cocos2D games is their compatibility with all devices and rich gameplay experience. We have a team of Cocos2D developers who offer fresh environment to games by exploring the latest Cocos2D SDK and its features.

Our developers are good at mirroring, scaling, rotating, tinting and masking to get the best features from the game engine. Some of the interesting features of Cocos2D that we have implemented are:

Action System

One of the most powerful features of Cocos2D. We use it to scale, move, and manipulate stripes or other objects.

Scene Management

The basic and main element of the game engine. Since, we built everything on a scene and one scene will be at least running at a time, managing all the scenes is difficult. CCDirector handles the scene transition in Cocos2D.

Extensive Effects Library

To make the game look beautiful and outstanding, we use the effects library to create our own effects.

Audio/Sound Support

Cocos2D has a sound engine, which enables the easy use of power of OpenAL without the need of diving to the lower level APIs. We use it for playing background music and UI sounds.

Tile Maps

Our developers use tile map editor to create tile maps and save it in the tmx format. We can create isometric, hexagonal, and orthogonal tiled maps, depending upon the app requirement.


We create very cool image effects with the Masking feature. Whether you want ragged border around images or wish to hide parts of an image, we can do it all.

Every game developed by Square Bits will have interactive fluidity and graphical appeal. For us, gaming is a serious business and we strive hard to understand the requirements of the clients to fulfill their business objectives.