The mobile game industry has witnessed a revolution in short time. Playing games was considered as a casual activity a few years ago, but enterprises are now seeing it as a source of revenue making.

A survey revealed that over 100 million people in the US, prefer playing games on their mobiles. While 69% play on smartphones, 21% use tablets, and remaining 18% play games on iPod Touch.

For us, making a game is all about narrating an interesting story to the players. Beautiful renders are as important as robust coding. It takes more than mere technical skills & graphics to create the best games.

What can we do for you?

It is true that every game starts with a story. When a client approaches us with a concept, we assist in finding out what will the player do in the game or the motivation that will make him go to further levels?

From audio to video products, framework development, UI/UX designing, testing, submission, and post-release support, we will do it all for you.

Creating a polished game requires brainstroming. Our designers, illustrators, animators, developers, and programmers work together to create a prototype to be shown to the client. A mobile game development is a team effort and we ensure that every member is an active participant.

Technologies we Work onTechnologies we Work on

At Square Bits, innovation is an essential part of the development process. Our Java developers can create that difficult looking mobile game for within a few days, without compromising with the quality. We work on Android Software development kit and Eclipse.

APIs used:

3D graphics, OpenGL, Android Media APIs, Wi-Fi APIs, and Android Security Architecture.

Development Process

We have an agile approach, even in games development, which helps us in delivering beyond the expecations of clients.


The team works with the client on the conceptualization part. We create artwork and architecture & share them with the client for further improvement.


To carry the production process smoothly, we divide it into several levels of complexity & expected completion time. There are seperate team members to perform analysis, design, and development work at the stage.


We add third-party SDKs, social network SDKs, and analytical tools in this stage. The testing team will check the game for bugs before it is sent to client for final approval.

Besides this, Square Bits also provide game application submission, after-support, and marketing assistance to clients.

Whether you have a concept in your mind or are looking for some interesting ideas to create a game, Square Bits is willing to be your technology partner. We have created some outstanding games for clients, which were loved by the players & are generating high revenues.