We aim at developing cutting edge websites that fit into your needs and grow along with your business.

At Square Bits, we develop stable and scalable websites leveraging the best of technology. The experienced development team focuses on the quality, code, and an intuitive CMS that ensures long-term security, manageability, and success of the website.

  • We deliver a web experience that is centered around the needs of the targeted user.
  • Our websites are built for performance.
  • Our methodologies are proven for each industry we serve.

We always strive to find out the most efficient & cost effective solutions for customers.

We work on:
JQuery, JavaScript, AJAX, Web Socket, and Web RTC

Whether you have a price limitation or a specific audience, our custom website development solutions will fit perfectly into your requirements. We use proven frameworks & platforms but ensure that the solution delivered is precisely as per your specification.

No Compromise with the Quality

Not just we deliver work as per the requirements of the client but also ensure that it has the highest quality. Our websites are robust, stable, and updated.

Timely Delivery

We may be working on several projects at a time but that doesn’t work as a late delivery excuse for us. Every website development is monitored by middle & top management, so that you get the product within the promised timeframe.

Website Security

We are fully responsible for every line of the code we write. Our websites are highly secure but in any case of attack, we ensure that it is restored ASAP

Extendibility and Performance

When we develop a website, requirements of the client and traffic it will receive are the two important factors considered. We make the website flexible enough to be customized as per the changing trend, so that it performs exceptionally well in future also.

Integration of Web Services and External APIs

When you want a customized website that can connect to any external interface and service such as PayPal, we make it happen for you. Moreover, our team will also integrate third party plugins and create data feeds as per your requirement.


For us, the development work is not finished unless we test the website in different environments. Bug testing is an essential phase of website development and we have team of experts to perform it.

Web development is a step by step process. At Square Bits, we have a highly professional team that values time & work ethics. Thus, we ensure that every website development project – be it big or small, is taken seriously and the team ensures the work is done on-time without compromising with the quality.