Hire Cross Platform Games Developer

When a majority of your target audience is using an iOS or Android, the choice of platform gets easier. However, if you aim to cater to a bigger audience segment, which may be using iPhone, Android, or BlackBerry, the need for a cross-platform development arises.

As an enterprise, you would want to have a mobile game, which is adaptable on different platforms so that people can play it on the go, on whichever device they want to.

Advantages of Cross-platform Development

Greater Reach

The more platforms you cover, greater will be your reach

Easy Marketing

Marketing gets easier when you have higher number of fans because you don’t have to create messages for a specific audience. Moreover, the game can be marketed on different media and through generalized messages

Cost Effective

It is easier to maintain a cross-platform game and deploy changes. The update will immediately synchronize across all the devices and the platforms, which is a cost saving factor

Uniform Look & Feel

When there’s a single code running on all the platforms, the overall design & feel of the app can be maintained.

Our cross platform mobile games have:

  • Beautiful graphics & environment
  • Fast response time
  • Great performance

The Cross Platform Game Development Process

We create great mobile games across all the major global platforms using powerful engines & tools. It is a streamlined process that enables us to accomplish the task successfully and within the stipulated time.

Initial Stage

We discuss the concept and game flow with the client at the initial stage. Everything from conceptualization to architecture, UI and artwork is finalized in the beginning

Development Stage

While the UI/UX team creates a storyboard, programmers & developers take care of the development part.

Final Stage

Analytical tools, social network SDKs, and third-party SDKs are added in the stage. The game is checked for bugs and is run on multiple platforms before the final roll-out.

What we have done so far

Square Bits has developed several cross platform mobile games its clients, which have got a great market response. We have recently worked on:

  • Arcade games
  • Sports games
  • Word games
  • Dice games
  • Adventure games
  • Educational games

The Square Bits team believes in staying updated about the technological advancements in the mobile world. Be it a mobile game or an application, we take every project as a next level challenge & try to come-up with innovative concepts that are loved by our clients.