Cocos2D Games Development

Cocos2D is loved by game developers for its open source nature and flexibility to design a product for iPhone and Android devices. This open source 2D game framework was originally written in Python but later ported to different languages and platforms.

Why We Love Cocos2D?

Simple Framework:

Cocos2D has an extended documentation and is easy to use. Moreover, as a developer we find assistance in numerous supportive community and forums for Cocos2D.

Open Source:

Since the framework is open source, it is easier to add extended functionalities such as customizing for better graphics.

Fast & Flexible:

Cocos2D uses OpenGL ES best practices and optimized data structure. You can also integrate with 3rd party libraries. It supports shaders, which allows to create mesmerizing visual effects One of the major advantages of Cocos2D is that it can be used to create games for Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, Marmalade, Bada, and BlackBerry 10.

What you might not know about Cocos2D?

  • It supports OpenGL ES 2.0, which makes it faster
  • Shaders support allows for all kinds of visual affects
  • An easy to understand API with wide variety of features
  • Integrated physics support: Box2d and Chipmunk engines

Despite the reigning popularity of 3D mobile games, many users still believe that games developed on platform such as Cocos2d deliver wonderful gaming experience. We develop games that offer a stunningly rich gameplay and a range of features. With large scale of team of developers and creative minds, we are one of the most experienced Cocos2D game development companies that can convert your concept into reality.

We adopt a fresh approach towards each project, considering it a new entity. Be it the design aspect or coding, we ensure that no two games share same aesthetics & technicalities.

Gaming is a serious business for us because we value the effort that goes into its development. Further, we strive hard to understand the client’s concept and work on it to meet the expectations of the end users.

It is true that every smartphone or tablet user is a gamer. Thus, it gets challenging for us to design some revolutionary games that raise the bar of the mobile gaming industry. When it comes to developing a game, Square Bits promises to go beyond the ordinary to offer the best of its work to the client.

We emphasize on the design aspect to recreate a tale that is graphically appealing and technically sound. Be it a designer, programmer, audio & video supervisor, or QA expert, we ensure that every team member has an equal contribution and say in the project. This methodology remains the same for our clients as well. We keep them updated about the developments in the project and any feedback or change from their end is implemented immediately, if it makes sense.

The team will also add social media sharing, ads, friends invitation, and in app purchase features in the game for revenue generation.

What you can expect from Square Bits?

Interactive fluidity in the game is something you can be certain of. The mission of our animators and developers is to ensure the deployment of the most apt development platform that delivers a seamless gaming experience to the user. Implementation of Cocos2D framework assists our engineers to mount in some additional features into your mobile game.