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Android is much loved for its Open Source nature. In less than a decade time, it has earned the repute of the most popular & used Operating System in smartphones. The Open Source OS from Google made its entry in the mobile market in 2008 and since then, it has received a tremendous response.
It is the inherent functionalities of Android and the different versions, which contribute substantially to the growth of the OS. When you are looking for a smart & quick way of increasing your presence in the mobile world, there’s no better option than developing an Android app.
Why it is Difficult to Create an Android Application?

Android provides flexibility, easy app porting, and a better control over system resources, which makes it a preferred app development platform amongst developers. Google Play Store has more than 1.3 million apps and new ones are being created every day. Both these factors make it rather difficult to develop an application that gets a high number of downloads & a good response from the consumers.
Developing an Android application is not easy, when there’s so much competition around. You need expertise, innovation, and a deep understanding of what will work right for your market.
Square Bits has a team of highly experienced developers who can create marvelous applications on Android platform. Since, we are the early adopters of Android development & created apps soon after the release of OS, we have an in-depth understanding of the platform. Our developers keep an eye on what’s trending in the Play Store & the consumer behavior.
We have developed and deployed several Android applications to meet the needs of enterprises and end consumers. The specialized team of developers can optimize the app for various Android versions including Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, KitKat, and Gingerbread & for form factors (mobile/tablet).

The Portfolio of Services we offer:

Square Bits is your one-stop-solution for all Android application development related requirements. We offer:
User interface design.
Code development.
Application porting.
Application testing (simulator/device).
Google lay submission.
Maintenance and enhancement support.
The Java developers work on Eclipse & Android Software Development kits to build robust & smooth running apps. The APIs we use are:
Location based service.
Android Media APIs.
3D graphics.
Wi-Fi API.
Android security architecture.
Some of the common applications our Android developers have worked on are:
Multimedia apps.
Location based tools apps.
Travel guide apps.
eCommerce apps.
Utility apps.

Whether you want to develop a business based application or sell your app in the marketplace, Square Bits will ensure that your objective is successfully fulfilled. We are a renowned mobile application development firm that has served clients from varied industries & countries across the globe

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