Hire 2D Game Developer

Creating a captivating 2D game demands passion, experience and technical expertise. At Square Bits, we strive to keep up with the changing demands of the gaming industry and offer solutions that boast the revenue for our clients.

The craze of mobile gaming has increased drastically, ever since capacitive touchscreen phones marked their entry in the market. The powerful processors, increasing screen size, and better resolution have definitely contributed in taking mobile gaming to the next level.

Another thing worth noticing is that besides keeping the users engaged, mobile games are a great source of advertisement also. Thus, the demand of mobile games is increasing among businesses.

When it comes to development 2D mobile games, Square Bits has earned the repute of a reliable company. We have created 2D games for almost all the mobile devices and operating systems. The entertainment packed effects and out-of-the-box gaming ideas we offer, make us a favoured name among customers.

The 2D Game Development Services we offer:

  • 2D game layout
  • 2D game scene design
  • 2D character sketching
  • 2D game environment development
  • 2D game development
  • 2D game testing
  • 2D game release & submission

Why should you hire a professional 2D game development company?

When looking for a game development company, one should always seek help of a professional.

  • A professional game development company will come up with lots of creative ideas and will be able to implement them with great efficiency.
  • Will formulate robust and flawless 2D games with minutest chances of errors.
  • Will be well-versed in technology such as OpenGL, Core Graphics and Flash etc.

Whether you are seeking a fascinating 2D game for the iPhone, iPad and Android or Windows devices, Square Bits is capable of developing all sorts of games from action, adventurous, to multi-player.

Square Bits has the reputation of being an ace developer of 2D games. We cater to the clients from diverse geographical background, thus their requirements are also diverse. It further makes the entire development process challenging for us and we ensure that all the expectations of clients are diligently met by our 2D game developers.

When it is about a business relationship, we prefer maintaining high amount of transparency. All project related developments and barriers are discussed with the client, so that the work is done as per their expectations. A dedicated project manager communicates with the client on a regular basis and ensures that the feedback is implemented the right way.

Square Bits offers 2D game solutions of the highest quality at competitive prices to clients. When you are looking for expert UI/UX designer, programmers, developers, and marketers to create & market your 2D game, rely on the experience and proficiency of our team.