Mobile Games Development

Developing a mobile game is beyond coding and beautiful rendering. An interesting story, impressive cut scenes, and error free coding are the key things to watch-out for.

Square Bits believes that best mobile gaming experience goes beyond graphics and technical skills. Developing stimulating 2D & 3D games with breathtaking graphics and interesting storyline, which will make the gamers addicted to them is what we love to do. From video production to audio, framework development, QA, and post-release support, the entire package needs to be smartly designed. We have developed games for some of these categories:

  • Arcade games
  • Board games
  • Dice games
  • Adventure games
  • Educational games
  • Puzzle games

How Do We Go About It?

Behind every game, there’s a story. There are a few questions that need to be answered to design a game, which interests the players. In the ideation phase, our team tries to figure out the 3 Ws:

  • What is the player going to do in the game?
  • What is the aim/motivation element?
  • Why will he continue playing the game and clear the levels?

Answers to these questions help in deciding the storyboard and graphics to develop an engaging game.


A breathtaking game means beautiful visuals, which make you dwell deeper into the environment with every proceeding level. When we say that we bring characters and games to life, we actually mean it. Our creative people specialize in creating distinctive and realistic visuals.


Our gaming team has experience in designing games for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Cross-platforms on 2D game engine Cocos. We work on Cocos2D, Cocos2D-X, Corona, and Unity 3D engines for developing 2D & 3D games for smartphones.

While focusing on performance, we ensure that our code is easy to maintain and efficiently uses the strength of the device as well as the platform you are targeting. The team has created several games for cross-platforms, wherein the platform-specific code leverage on the strength of each platform on which the game is published.


All the gameplay ideas, story lines, levels, controls, artwork, and technology is compiled to take the shape of a cohesive product. An Account Manager is responsible to ensure that a flawless approach is adopted in all the stages of game development.


One of the crucial stages of game development is testing. It is important to check that the game works fine at all the levels before it is rolled out to public. Our team of testers do the testing on their devices as well as on different software.

Final Delivery

We love game development and take it very seriously. In today’s scenario, game is no longer a one-off product, which once launched is forgotten but still drives revenue. A game is something that grows rapidly. We do this by continuously adding new levels, themes, and strategies to keep the players addicted to the game. After the game is released, we can provide you with ideas and assistance for future upgrades.

iPhone Game Development

Utilizing our expertise in Apple Swift, Objective C, Cocos2D, Cocos2D-X, and Utility 3D, we have developed all sort of inquisitive games for the iPhone. The game development team is currently working on iOS 8, so that we are ready with some innovative concepts when Apple rolls out its giant new OS.

Android Game Development

The biggest challenge of developing Android game is the varying screen sizes in which Android devices come. While putting innovation and creation at the forefront, we also ensure that the game goes through solid user testing to add perfection to the work.