Custom CMS Development

A Content Management System is a back-end tool that gives you the control of the website. From managing day to day workflows to organizing the applications, you can do it all with a CMS.

At Square Bits, we believe that there’s no need to replicate when you can be original. This is why we create one-of-a kind custom management platforms to fit into your business objective.

Why do you need a Custom CMS?

A Custom Management System decreases your dependency on a developer for making simple changes. It can give you as little or as much control as you need. From editing the photos to adding text and videos, you can do it all on your own.

  • Users can organize and access data as per their requirements
  • Wireframe technology is used to create computer generated model to exhibit the concept design of the app
  • Deploy rich content & highly featured websites while spending minimal efforts and time
  • Reduce the cost of website maintenance with a CMS

Businesses are nowadays opting for custom CMS for the several advantages it has over pre-designed CMS. Here are two of the most common benefits:

  • With a packaged CMS, you are bound to follow existing protocol and architecture, a custom CMS comes with no architectural limitations. It enables you to develop around the content of the website.
  • For multi-tiered organizations with a descriptive work flow process, it is always better to have a custom CMS. The users and roles will be built around the existing workflow and approval process.

The Square Bits team builds scalable and sustainable solutions. To minimize the upfront cost, we try to have a clear understanding of the client’s business right from the start. It also enables us to build a flexible CMS that meets your needs now and in the future.

The team of PHP, HTML5, and JavaScript developers has worked on several projects and is capable of delivering intuitive, powerful, and user-friendly.

We build tools that really work and this is one reason behind our continuously growing list of satisfied clients. If a custom CMS is not growing your business, it’s just not working for us. Thus, our approach is always highly customized and driven by insights.

The custom CMS solutions by Square Bits offer higher performance, integration, and extensibility in comparison to the pre-built CMS. The out-of-the-box ideas we implement are specific to the needs of the client’s business. Moreover, we do not spend time in re-inventing things that we have already developed.

When you are looking for experts in custom CMS development, Square Bits is the name you can rely upon. We promise to deliver high performance, custom, and result-driven solution to you.