Cross Platform Games Development

Ubiquity is what every enterprise or small standalone unit desires to have, when it comes to having a mobile presence. Thus, cross platform compatibility should be in your technology top chart.

Why Cross-platform game?

The mobile world is no longer controlled by one or two major names. With the smartphone culture spreading all over at a massive rate, every mobile device manufacturer has certain preferences in regard to the operating system. On narrowing down further, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone are still three major platforms you must target while developing a mobile games.

But, developing a native mobile game that is available to all the users is a costly affair. This is where our cross platform game development service comes into picture. It serves as your ultimate and affordable way of reaching out to maximum people globally.

When it comes to developing a cross platform game, Square Bits has the experience of working on iOS, Android, and Windows platform. Some high-end games might not work well when developed on cross platforms. Therefore, our team will work through your requirement and suggest if it is good to go, at the very first stage of the project.
The cross platform games, we develop have features including:

  • Beautiful graphics and environment
  • Great performance and a super-fast response time
  • Thorough testing on various platforms and devices of different screen sizes

The dominance of tablets and smartphones in the market has impacted the gaming business the most. Hundreds of millions of users spend at least some part of their day in playing games. Square Bits helps you target these potential customers with cross platform game development services. We will:

  • Develop single/multiple player games with multi levels
  • Add engaging and addictive features
  • Provide customized 2D cross platform games

The team of cross platform game developers conceptualizes fun, interactive, and entertaining games that fetch you high revenue from app stores. Stunning graphics, rich backgrounds, and an engaging storyline are incorporated in every project that we work on. Besides, we ensure that highest care is taken to write simple yet effective code.

Cross-platform Game Development Process

We have a simple 3-step process for mobile game development:

Initial Stage:

The team will work with client to create a concept and game flow. The stage includes taking major decisions on conceptualization, design, architecture, and artwork

Development Stage:

A storyboard is created, code is written, and other technical work is done in this stage. The cross platform game development is performed on Cocos2D-x and Unity 3D, which are termed as the best development engines.

Final Stage:

It’s time to add analytical tools, third-party SDKs, social network SDKs, invitation, score sharing using Game Center, and more to the product. Bug fixing is done and the device is also run on multiple platforms before the final roll-out.
Over the years, we have worked on dozens of cross-platform mobile games including:

  • Racing games
  • Sports games
  • Arcade games
  • Action games
  • Word games
  • Educational games
  • Adventure games

and the list goes on…