At Square Bits, we believe in selling a superlative customer experience that is way above the traditional outsourcing service. However, we also realize that the higher level of work cannot be attained without the support of the team. Monthly outings, get-together, and festive celebrations, all are a part of our work culture. It doesn’t only raise the intensity of team work but also contributes to the overall growth of each employee.

Working at Square Bits is fun. It’s no monotonous job because we deal with clients from versatile domains. Since, every client has different requirements and expectations, expect yourself to get a new challenge every now or then.

If you work at Square Bits, EXPECT:

  • Freedom to experiment
  • Coming across new technologically challenging projects
  • High quality training
  • One-on-one mentoring
  • Industry recognition & awards – if you are a great performer
  • Open communication with peers and seniors
  • Fast track growth for the exceptional performers
  • Flexible timings

The hierarchy in Square Bits exist more to define the workflow and distribute empowerment. We all have access to same opportunities or you can say that we all have access to the top.

At Square Bits, we thrive on learning & innovation because that’s us. A lot of interesting things and stuff happen at the workplace because we believe the more we learn & experience, better we perform.

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Working with Square Bits is a challenge to constantly re-invent yourself and to go beyond your limits with collective effort and team spirit. Square Bits is a dynamic IT organization, requiring people who have a long-term view of the future.


  • PHP Developers
  • iPhone Developer
  • Android Developer
  • Graphics Designer
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Tester