Not so long ago, mobile phone users used to consider their prized gadgets as just a mean to call others or text their concerns to those who wished to hear about them. Using it as a multitasking tool was something unimaginable for them, since the types of mobile gadgets they had at their perusal were never that advanced to support as many functions as today’s smartphones are capable of. This inspired mobile phone companies to launch high-end smartphones on the market. Flaunting different operating systems, the smartphones have now become the need of the hour for reasons quite comprehensible.

With the advent of smart mobile gadgets, the onus now lies on a professional Android application development company to design and develop applications that could satiate myriad desires of smartphone users. Seasoned mobile app developers working for such companies are well capable of going beyond their expectations by creating applications that flaunt compatibility to different Android versions, well-delineated capabilities, and ease of use.

Accordingly, in recent years, the Android app development segment has witnessed a sea change from being a nascent field of specialization to a full-blown sector that has become fiercely competitive now. If a recent study conducted by is something to go by, the smartphone users’ count is set to go miles beyond 1.75 billion where it stood in the year 2014. Having already captured a substantial 78 percent share of global smartphone market, Android is on a surge these years for all the right reasons.

Since Google never seems to put stringent checks on Android app development and distribution, developers prefer this OS to iOS and others. Its open source and free nature, unlike Windows and iOS, creates the right environment that is so very conducive for any professional Android application development company. With no cost of licensing and development tools involved, Android application development is just ideal for freelance mobile app developers and smaller enterprises that never had the kind of financial resources to invest too heavily on various processes.

Next, strong inter-platform integration capability and easy development process make Android app development an affordable proposition as compared to iOS or Windows application development. Mastery over Java and expertise in using Android SDK are the only prerequisites for developers. Finally yet importantly, reduced development cost, higher ROI, and the ease to market applications easily on Google Play Store allows Android app developers and companies earn substantial profit, and that too, without shelling out huge sum of money.

Therefore, in all its likeliness, Android OS opens up a world of beneficial opportunities for a professional Android application development company that intends to be at its creative best.

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