Android Mobile Game Development

In terms of market penetration, Android has seen an exponential growth that is directly proportional to the popularity of Android games development.

What makes Android a developer’s favourite platform is because it takes away application restriction, thus giving full freedom to come up with innovative concepts. Square Bits has been taking full advantage of this immensely powerful platform to deliver some extraordinary gaming experience to users. As the leading Android Game Development company we have worked for clients worldwide and developed popular Android games.

What Are We Best At?

Developing a mobile game is different from conventional mobile app development. You have to bring together imagination, creativity, skill, technology, and user experience practices to build an enticing game. Square Bits devices games that are addictive in nature, visually beautiful, and have the potential to attract users. The games that we develop use the android specific functionalities including multi-touch, accelerometer, GPS, camera, and Android beam of the device.

  • High-definition game development on Cocos2D X, which is a cross platform game development engine
  • 3D game development on Unity 3D
  • Designing catchy interface for both: single and multiple player games
  • Testing the games on Android devices of different screen sizes and software

Challenges in Android Game Development

Android game designers and developers to build Android games that work well on small & big screens. This is where smart coding comes into play.

We ensure that the players will enjoy crisp graphics and a smooth gameplay, irrespective of the Android device that they are using. We have the latest Android devices, be it mobile phone or tablet for testing purpose. Our testing is always curious about finding out the minutest of fault in the game so that the end product is flawless.

Technology That We Work On

As the leading Android Game Development company, We believe that the most difficult part of learning is to overcome the mental block and learning coding is same as learning a new language. When we say that our developers know Java, we are talking from an expert’s perspective. It is one of the easiest languages to learn but this is where our work differentiates us. We love to introduce innovation into the development process. You will see our Java programmers building some of the most difficult looking Android games. We work on Eclipse and Android Software Development Kit. The APIs used include OpenGL, Android Media APIs, Wi-Fi APIs, 3D graphics, and Android Security Architecture.

Whether you want a simple, elaborate, or complex game, we are here to turn your concept into a reality.

It is difficult for coders to crack an intense game. Therefore, we make sure that a neat and robust coding is done.

A good story line or theme may go waste if your game doesn’t have the right technical platform. Our experts have worked on most of the programming languages and game engines, thus know what will work right for you. Cocos2D is a popular tool that we use in Android mobile game development.

Game Development Process

Pre-production stage

Involves conceptualization, improvisation, architecture design, and artwork. A brainstorming session is held at the start of the project, which shows us a clear picture of where we are and what needs to be done to come up with an extraordinary Android game.

Production stage

Project is divided into levels on the basis of duration and complexity. Analysis, design, and development work is carried-out in this stage.

Post-production stage

All the third-party SDKs, social network SDKs, and analytical tools are added. Testing and bug fixing is performed before the game is showed to the client for final approval. Monetization SDKs for ads and in app purchase tools are also added in this stage.